How do I know if I fully completed an online course?

You've reached the end of your online course (or pre-course) and even though you have viewed all of the material, you're not sure if you have completed the entire course. Let's take a look at a few indicators that will make it clear if you're done or if there are some loose ends you need to tie up (please see diagram below).

1. Achievements & Progress

Take a look at your " Achievements & Progress" score. Does it show that you completed 5 out of 114 possible sections? 100/114? Or 112/114? Every course is different and the maximum number of sections will vary, but this is a good indicator of how much of the course you have successfully completed.

To view your percentage completion, click on  "Achievements & Progress".

2. Green Dot With a Checkmark Inside

Take a look at your modules and submodules. Do they all have a green dot with a checkmark inside? If they don't, you have not marked this submodule as complete. You might say: "but I definitely viewed this video/skill check/slide/etc" and you might be correct. Having said that "viewing" and "marking complete" is not the same thing. 

To mark a sub-module as complete, you must click the green "Next" button at the right bottom corner of your course player. Skipping to the next submodule without pressing the "Next" button will mark the current submodule as incomplete. Always press the green "Next" button.

3. Certificate of Completion

Once you successfully complete a course, you will receive a "certificate of completion". If you're working on a pre-course, you will also receive an email indicating that you have successfully completed the pre-course. Clicking  "Achievements & Progress" will indicate that you have completed 100% of the course and your completion certificate will be visible.

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